The NO STOP FLAME self-cleaning brazier is an innovative system which, thanks to a motorized rotation mechanism, guarantees complete cleaning of the ashes from the brazier without changing the size of the flame and without interrupting the stove’s operation.

The new NO STOP FLAME self-cleaning brazier deposits combustion residues in the ashtray drawer below, where they accumulate to be subsequently eliminated. The system leads to a single weekly cleaning of the ash drawer instead of the normal daily cleaning of the brazier, a great advantage in terms of convenience and comfort of use.

The elegance of an ever-present flame, a piece of furniture that creates an atmosphere.

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Self-cleaning brazier in stainless steel

Reduction of consumption

Reduction of component wear

Reduction of cleaning times

Reduced consumption and component wear

Each time the brazier is cleaned, the stove does NOT stop. The ignition electrode is used only in the first activation phase of the stove.

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